In addition to duraluminium (ergal) rear sprockets for motorcycles, at MJ Corse we also make other customised parts for motorcycles. We manufacture this type of pieces by means of duralumin (ergal), assuring the greater resistance and durability possible.


We make other parts for motorcycles to measure, such as fork upper plates. This type of parts are used to hold the front wheel allowing one to steer. For handling, the front fork is by far one of the most critical parts of a motorcycle. The combination of rake and trail determines how stable the motorcycle is.

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We also include in our product catalogue the custom manufacturing of right and left footrest supports.

The footrests are motorbike parts that serve to support the feet of the rider and the passenger. The right and left footrest support are used to attach the footrest to the bike itself.

Linkage suspension

We also make customizable linkage suspension

Linkage suspension are used to connect the shock to the swingarm, ensuring that the damping responds smoothly at the start and the hardening occurs gradually.

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