MJ rear sprocket for Ossa 150

MJ rear sprocket for Ossa 150

High quality duraluminium (ergal) rear sprocket for  Ossa 150 with chain pitch 428 and with number of teeth from 46 to 50.

Select the chain pitch and number of teeth you need by clicking below.

Chain Pitch
Tooth numbers

IMPORTANT: If you are going to order a rear or front sprocket, we highly recommend you to check the measurements before purchasing, in order to avoid errors. Most of the sprockets are manufactured on demand so they cannot be returned.


Transmission rear sprocket for motorcycles Ossa 150.

Material: duraluminium-ergal, with a high quality finish. 

Chain pitch: 428. 

Number of teeth from 46 to 50. 

Measures specified in the image. 

Need another chain pitch or another number of teethContact us and we`ll add it right away!

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