As we imagine you know, the gearing of a motorbike refers to the speed that the bike develops for each revolution of the engine crankshaft. This figure is usually indicated for every thousand revolutions.

The gear development is therefore a change in the transmission kit and although there are various transmission systems, we will focus here on the chain system (i.e. a transmission kit with chain, rear sprocket and front sprocket).

How should we therefore change the transmission kit to change the gearing?

The main thing is to know what original gearing our bike has and, depending on that, to change it in one way or another according to our needs. In some cases, when changing, you will have to remove or add some links of the chain.

In short, if we want to shorten the gearing, we will have to fit a smaller pinion or a larger sprocket. This will make us get more acceleration or recovery, but it will also make us have less top speed. This type of configuration is usually used more for circuits, where acceleration matters more and you have a tighter gear.

On the contrary, if we want to lengthen the gearing, we will mount a bigger pinion or a smaller sprocket, getting a higher top speed, but in exchange for a worse acceleration or recovery. This will also make us consume less petrol as a rule, so this type of configuration is usually related to street bikes, where this last detail can be decisive for our pockets.

In this respect, the ratio gearing is also relevant when making this change, since, whatever change we make, it is advisable that it is close to or equal to the original factor of your bike.

Next, we leave you a table in which you can consult the ratio gearing depending on how you want to leave the gearing.

You must also bear in mind that it is not always necessary to change the number of teeth on the front sprocket, as this change is a little more aggressive and always forces us to change the rear sprocket in addition to the front sprocket. As a general rule, if we change only one tooth on the front sprocket we will have to change 3 teeth on the rear sprocket.

As we mentioned, another very common option is to change only the number of teeth on the rear sprocket by 1 or 2 so that this change is less aggressive. Luckily, you can order a rear sprocket with the teeth you want in our online shop as we are manufacturers, so this change will be much easier for you. Of course, it all depends on your needs.

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